Food and nutrition security challenges cannot be met until safe drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) are available in the vulnerable communities. WASH directly reflects to the nutrition situation. Organsation   assuring access to safe water and sanitation and to good hygiene practices (e.g. handwashing) through various programs ,  demonstration, unique initiatives and awareness. Team explained the importance of WASH to the community though IEC materials, campaigns.

This year Darshna significantly illustrated new initiatives to improve WASH in the community following as:

a.Use of Matka Filter for safe drinking water: Team has promoted Matka Filter (Desi RO System) in District. Matka Filter is the system which develops by the locally available materials to purify the water to make the family healthy in a hygienic manner.

b.Handwashing campaign through use of TIPI tap: Team FaNS Darshna has promoted the use of Tipi tape as affordable handwashing system to health and well-being of the child and family. It is really an ingenious solution to the problem of hygienic handwashing where there is no piped water. Community members are doing aware and promoting this handwashing system at community level under the WASH practices and community is adopted.