Polio Affected Woman Learns to Read Hindi at 29

Raja Bai Ahirwar is a resident of village Bhatiyapurwa in Raj Nagar block of Chhatarpur district. She is 29 years old and cannot walk properly as her right leg is affected with polio. Her Husband Murlidhar Ahirwar is also handicapped and works as a labourer. The couple has a daughter and a son. The family is illiterate and below poverty line.

On opening of TARA Akshar centre in her village on 09 July 2007, Raja Bai became interested in learning when she came to know from her friends that the centre would teach Hindi with modern technique in just 30 days.

As Raja Bai had difficulty in movement, the centre was shifted close to her home. Her day-to-day performance improved and in no time she was way ahead of her batchmates. Her examination was conducted on August 13, 2007, in which she was declared as passed. Raja Bai can now read and write Hindi. Her family members are very happy. She now has plans to send children to school.

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