Education is globally acknowledged as the most powerful means of empowering girls and women and protecting them from the violation of their human rights. In order to transform the knowledge, and even save lives—the lives of girls and women, and the lives of their families and communities organization working enthusiastically in education sector.

Source of Intervention Funding Supporters Location and Implementing duration Work Description Achievements
Tara Akshar Program DFID/DA Rajnagar block in Chhatarpur District (2007-2008) Organization led the Tara Akshar Program to impart functional literacy in rural spaces. It was an ICT based program which imparted functional literacy in Hindi and basic arithmetic in just 56 days. It functioned via highly comprehensive software developed through stages of intensive grassroots level research and study of best practices globally. Specially designed classes are conducted by locally trained instructors in the learners’ own communities. The learners are taught to instantly recognize the sound of letters, syllables, numbers and form words and sentences using the ‘Memory Hook’ technique embedded in animated movies and exercises. Through this program 1188 women literate by the comprehensive software.