SHGs Enable Scores of Women Realise Their Dreams

Self-help groups all over the operational area have enabled the women realise their dreams.

In Dumra village, 25 km from Raj Nagar, there is a Tejaswani Mahila Swayam Sahayata Samooh. One of its members Sabra Baina was almost financially wrecked. She hailed from a large family of labourers and was hardly able to meet her expenses. Yet she actively participated in group activities and regularly saved money. Seeing her dedication, the group gave an internal loan of Rs 1,500 to Sabra so she could start something to earn some money. She opened a bangle shop. Out of the profit she earned she not only returned money to the group, but also increased her stock, which stands at more than Rs 5,000. She is now thinking of branching into some other things also.

At Pipat village, about 22 km from Raj Nagar, Shakti Tejaswani Mahila Swa-Sahayata Samooh has Muslim women as members. One such member Bakridan Khan actively participates and attends all the group meetings regularly. She took Rs 500 loan from the group and opened an egg shop. Her shop is running well and she is earning profit of Rs 50 per day.

In Pratapura village, about 17 km from Raj Nagar, Jai Ambe Gauri Mahila Swa Sahayata Samooh has members from Vishwakarma and Kushwaha castes. After the grading, the Zilla Panchayat sanctioned revolving fund of Rs 5,000 and bank sanctioned CCL of Rs 20,000. Out of the funds thus received one of the members, Mira Kushwaha, wanted to open a kirana shop. She took a loan of Rs 2,000 and opened a small kirana shop. The shop yielded her a profit of about Rs 1,200. She has decided to re-invest money in the shop and scale up operations for a decent earning.

Nearly 50 km from Raj Nagar in Dumra village there is Ganga Tejaswani Mahila Swa Sahayata Samooh. One of the members Asha Jain, who used to actively participate in group processes, wished to become financially self-reliant by opening a kirana shop in the village. Seeing her dedication the group sanctioned her a loan or Rs 1,000, which she used to open her shop. When the number of customers increased she took loan of another Rs 2,000 to expand the shop. Today her shop is running well and she is earning good amount.

In Bamhauri Bahadurju village, 23 km from Raj Nagar, exists Jyoti Tejaswani Mahila Swa Sahayata Samooh. One of the members, Prembai Pal, had a burning desire to become financially independent. She decided to open a samosa shop from the loan of Rs 1,000 she got. Her shop is located near the village school. Within no time she paid back the loan and she is now leading a comfortable life.

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