Natural Resource Management

Our programs strive to guide poor and landless families in villages to build on the existing resources as base and create livelihood options from them. This is done through developing the existing natural resources (especially water and soil) and conserving them by various kinds of interventions.

Source of Intervention Funding Supporters Location and Implementing duration Work Description Achievements
INRM SDTT Salaiya Village of Chhatarpur (2013) Darshna led the program to Conservation, availability and accessibility of these natural resources such as water, land or soil determines the quality of life in any rural eco system. Darshna facilitated development of water resources through various measures such as construction of checkdams, farmponds, digging new wells, deepening/repairing of existing wells 10 form ponds are completed 50 acres land irrigated
Regional Nutrition Program BMZ-WHH 50 Villages of Chhatarpur District (2019-Onwards) Organization implementing this program and addressing the natural resource management strategies such as enhancing water use efficiency, drip irrigation system for watering crops was promoted widely. Land development activities such as building of farm bunds, Water Absorption Trenches (WATs), earthen bunds, were undertaken for water and soil conservation. Besides, the plantation and pasture land development are also done to regenerate the natural resources for removing malnourishment in the community. Supporting 50 villages by effective techniques for managing the natural resources.
Madhya Pradesh Tourism Program Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board 4 villages of Khajuraho (2019- Onwards) Darshna is executing the program of tourism Board and securing the natural resources of Bundelkhand. It Is a way to optimum utilization of natural resources at local area for developing a rural showcase beautifully and to promote village tourism. Identified 4 villages for rural tourism and focusing on natural resources of the area