Converging on productivity enhancement, crop diversification, credit support and technological infusion, the Darshna Mahila Kalyan Samiti has managed to purposefully leverage the various factors of production to ensure that the farm sector brings happiness on the face of rural poor. Crop diversification is promoted for adaptation with variations in the community. With systematic effort, suitable support of alternate farming techniques and appropriate technology along with timely credit and exposure, farmers are quickly adopting to market oriented productive cropping pattern. Organization uplifting the community with the promotion of agriculture practices through programs:

Source of Intervention Funding Supporters Location and Implementing duration Work Description Achievements
DPIP (2001-2007) Panchayat and Rural Development Department,MP 37 Villages of Rajnagar Block Organization led this program and focused on bringing more cultivable land under assured irrigation, thus enabling farmers to sow economically viable crops and increasing productivity and survival percentage of existing and recently planted orchards. These initiatives are bolstered by exposure visits for new adoptees and imparting technical knowledge by agri domain experts which aids in augmenting income levels of farmers who are otherwise largely dependent on specific crops. Rolled out the practices by 796 SHGs and PRI representatives and reached 20000 families for advising them to be healthier and happy.
Regional Nutrition Program BMZ-WHH 50 Villages of Chhatarpur District Regional Nutrition Program is working to improve the quality of life and improve food security through Promotion of IPM,IPNM, safe and organic agriculture, quality planting materials, integrated farming system, Training local youth as a service provider for Good agriculture practices and farm management and promotion of crop and food diversity. Supporting 50 villages in appropriate good agriculture practices for securing malnourished families in the block.
Food and Nutrition Project GIZ-WHH Chhatarpur District (2015-Onwards) For the availability of vegetables and fruits, Program introducing the strategy of Nutrition gardens for informing them about the dietary diversity. Community members are managing seed banks to enhance the productivity and food security. Planted more than 20,000 nutrition gardens for the availability of nutritious vegetables and fruits.