Child Care

Organization Keeping Children Safe and it represents a commitment to help children by developing and promoting a set of robust and comprehensive safeguarding standards that all citizens can do and should follow. Keeping children safe and free from harm is what we believe in and what we do.
The Child line program is a core sector of our work. Children pushed into child labour, children facing abuse in the community, children trafficked, children affected by a calamity or emergency situation – Darshna Child line works to protect children from different kinds of harms – abuse, neglect, exploitation, physical danger and violence.

Source of Intervention Funding Supporter Location and Implementing duration Work Description Achievements
Child line Program Ministry of Women and Child Development & Childline India Foundation Chhatarpur District Darshna is leading Child line Program supported by Ministry of Women and child development and Childline India Foundation that operated a telephone helpline called childline for children in distress. Darshna CHILDLINE works for the protection of rights of all children aged from 0 to 18. Their special focus is on all children in need of care and protection, especially the more vulnerable sections. It helped the children who are in need of care and protection. Child line number is – 1098. Darshna Childline received the average thousands in a year, most from children wanting to rescue from their place of work.